This 20-minute academy will focus on the early ideas around the full swing, movement, motion, and turn. Get your swing dialed in and understand the ins and outs of your full swing. Participants will need:

  • (2) Mid-Irons

  • Enough room for a full swing in a garage, outdoor, or large living room

  • A basketball/volleyball/or beach ball and a plastic hanger

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Originally Live on May 27th, 2021


Keith Stewart

Pro Instructor

A 25-year teaching pro and certified PGA Instructor. Host of The Pro Show on ESPN Radio in NYC and Co-Host of Stick & Hack Reacts every Monday. Insta: @kjstewartdof Twitter: @kjstewartdof

Course curriculum

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    Understand Your Full Swing

    • (Replay) Academy: Understand Your Full Swing