Creating a Power Pivot

Live and Interactive Wednesday 10/6 @ 4pm

There's a move in the golf swing that goes unnoticed or ignored a lot of times. ... In golf, the pivot is the move that creates power by turning and transferring weight from back to front. You might not think about it much when hitting a golf ball, but it's one of the main, and most important, moves. PGA Instructor, Jason Baile will walk you through the fundamental steps to maximize distance and speed from this one "simple" move in your swing.

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    Academy Replay: Creating a Power Pivot

    • Academy Replay: Creating A Power Pivot


Jason Baile

Senior Instructor

Director of Instruction at Jupiter Hills Club, GOLF MAGAZINE Top 100 Teacher, GOLF DIGEST "Best in State", 2018 PGA Carolinas Section TOY and now a Stick & Hack Coursework Instructor.