The Lesson Focus

When it comes to training for golf, there are three things that your training schedule should include: spacing, variability, and challenge. Sign up for this lesson to understanding the fundamentals of training.

  • How to utilize and be aware of your space

  • Best skills and drills

  • How to push yourself

Course curriculum

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    Academy LIVE: The Fundamentals of Training

    • Live Lesson at 3pm EST on Wednesday, February 1st


Gavin Parker

PGA Instructor

Gavin is a Class A member of the PGA and future Golf Digests Best Coaches in State for Virginia. He was selected for the 2020 Virginia State Golf Association Grow the Game award. Gavin is a member of a very exclusive group of golf coaches. He is one of 25 Flatstick Certified Coaches in the United States. Gavin is an Aimpoint certified instructor. He is a certified Wedge Matrix Instructor, and lastly, he is a Dana Dahlquist Certified instructor. Gavin brings a unique combination of teaching and playing skills to Salisbury Country Club.