The Lesson Focus

Are you golfer? Yes, more than likely? Well this is the course for you. John Mascari teaches the key things you can do in your swing and setup to hit the driver straight- especially in different conditions.

  • Best practices for positioning off the tee

  • How to utilize your body position and movement

  • Drills and techniques

Course curriculum

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    Academy LIVE: The Secret to Straight Shots

    • Live Lesson - 1/19 at 3pm EST


John Mascari


John is an accomplished PGA professional and Director of Golf at Alpine Country Club, located in Demarest, New Jersey. He can be heard on 98.7 ESPN radio in New York City every Sunday during the golf season along with many other golf media outlets. “The game of golf is hard enough, my goal to keep instruction in its simplest form, based on facts- and have some fun while doing it.”