The Lesson Focus

It's widely acknowledged that elite players are exceptional from 30-80 yards, turning three shots into two more often than not, but how do they do this? Is it practice alone, or are there patterns that lead to this higher level of performance? In this approach play video, we aim to answer these questions and more, from the anatomy of the perfect wedge shot to practical methods you can use to save shots like the pro's and bring your scores tumbling down.

  • What to practice on your approach

  • How to practice your approach

  • Skills & drills

Course curriculum

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    Understanding Approach Wedges

    • Understanding Approach Wedges


Gavin Parker

PGA Instructor

Gavin is a Class A member of the PGA and future Golf Digests Best Coaches in State for Virginia. He was selected for the 2020 Virginia State Golf Association Grow the Game award. Gavin is a member of a very exclusive group of golf coaches. He is one of 25 Flatstick Certified Coaches in the United States. Gavin is an Aimpoint certified instructor. He is a certified Wedge Matrix Instructor, and lastly, he is a Dana Dahlquist Certified instructor. Gavin brings a unique combination of teaching and playing skills to Salisbury Country Club.